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The Institute for Zionist Strategies works on writing strategic programs and in making advocacy in order to develop the Jewish, democratic & Zionist character of the State of Israel

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The Truth according to Breaking the Silence: An Analysis of Testimonies

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In recent years, the Breaking the Silence organization has released a series of publications that expose a database of IDF soldier testimonies from their service in Judea and Samara, as…

Total Fertility Trends in Israel

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Total Fertility Trends in Israel:Total Fertility Trends in Israel: How did the Demographic Time Bomb become a Demographic Miracle? Summary Researchers and policy makers periodically air the claim that the…

The Expulsion Law

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On July 20 2016, the Knesset passed the final approval of “The Expulsion Law” according to which, a serving Member of the Knesset may be removed from his position if…