Miri Shalem


For the previous 12 years, Miri was the director of a community center in her hometown of Bet Shemesh, and the head of the women's council of the town.
Miri is a social activist in women's issues. Among her other activities, are organizing the national dance conference for Orthodox women, and initiating a flashmob protest by Bet Shemesh women against segregation. She established a local women’s help and consultant center and she owns an organization called: Women Dance for a Change, which uses street dance as a tool for social change.
Miri won an award for her activity for social change in 2012. In 2014-2015, she was one of the heads of the campaign of Eli Cohen, mayoral candidate in Bet Shemesh. Miri has a BA in economics and political science, and an M.A in Gender Studies. She is married and a mother of 4.
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Adi Arbel

Project Manager

After serving in the IDF for six years as a programmer, officer and team leader, Adi completed his B.A. in psychology, economics and geography and studied for an M.A. in conflict resolution at Bar-Ilan University. After for years of working at the Elbit Systems as a software programmer, Adi decided to quit the hi-tech industry and embark upon a new career as a project manager at the IZS. Adi initiated the IZS proposal for Basic Law: Israel the Nation-State of the Jewish People.
In 2009 Adi founded the Beit Midrash for Zionist Thought. Nowadays, Adi is involved with Blue & White Human Rights, a new human rights movement that holds a Zionist perspective. Adi also initiated other social ventures in Jerusalem.
For the past five years, Adi has written a weekly column for Makor Rishon and has published a number of op-eds in Haaretz, as well as other media outlets. The Jerusalem Post selected Adi as one of the top ten ‘Jewish Future Leaders’ in 2011.

Nave Dromi

Head Blue&White Human Rights

Nave holds an M.A. from The Ruderman Program for Americam Jewry studies at Haifa University, and B.A. in Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies from Ben Gurion University. She currently a student at th Jewish Statesmanship Center. After graduation of B.A. Nave became an Israel Fellow for the Jewish Agency in the University of Pennsylvania. During the time at UPenn She was exposed to the use of human rights values by Anti-Israel organization. Then she discovered ``Blue&White Human Rights``, and since then she involves with the movement activities
The Institute for Zionist Strategies has established the Blue&White Human Rights Movement, which is an umbrella for three projects, each of which is involved in a different aspect of the defense of human dignity and freedom. The Association projects a non-political, “national liberal” orientation with the goal of: safeguarding human rights; focusing on improving the efforts of our authorities through the application of constructive criticism; creating discourse about the role and conduct of human rights organizations today; and preventing the exploitation of human rights issues to promote geo-political aims and anti-Israel policy.

Daniel Madmon

Head Blue&White Human Rights

26 years old, married, eldest among 4 siblings.
Born in Jerusalem, went to Hartman high school.
Served in Golani, IDF. Released as Sargent major. living in Tel Aviv and in third year of studying Political Science, socialogy &Political media.
manager of ``Blue&White Human Rights ``movement
And teaching at ``Nativ`` program.

Nati Avneri

Project Manager of ``Hachaluts``

Dr. Netanel Avneri is a graduate of the Department of Middle Eastern Studies, Bar Ilan University, and the Public Diplomacy Seminar of the Bar Ilan School of Communication. He wrote his doctoral thesis on the Iraq - U.S. Relations during the Cold War under the Program of Outstanding Students and Presidential Scholarship. Dr. Avneri is a teaching fellow in the department of Middle East Studies, Bar Ilan, and going to teach a course on ``Iraqi Ba'th Foreign Policy toward its Neighbors and the Global Powers``. He also teacher of the Arabic language and lecturer on public diplomacy and Middle East actuality (Iraq, the Persian Gulf, the U.S. policy in the Middle East, the consolidation process of the Arab – European Axis). He writes op-ed columns in major Israeli websites and had weekly commentary on Middle Eastern Parliaments on the TV program, ``Political World``, the Knesset (Parliament) Channel. He participated in delegations focusing on advocacy for Israel, and in ``Training Seminar for Young Leaders from the EU, Israel, and Palestine`` in the European Parliament.

Ben Shalev

manager of the ``Maavarim`` program

Married to Hodaya, lives in Jerusalem. Student for mechanical engineering in ``Azrieli`` College of engineering
Raised and educated in religious Zionism. Graduate of ``Midrashiat Noam`` & ``Ma'ale Gilboa`` Yeshiva.
Surved as an officer In the Nahal Brigade. Currently serving in the army reserves
With the IZS since May 2016

Tovi Zehavi

Office Manager

Tovi worked for many years in The Institute For Talmudic Publications of Rabbi Adin Stainzalts in Jerusalem.
Tovi grew up in Haifa, & had finished her studies in Gates Head – England, & in Jerusalem.