The Truth according to Breaking the Silence: An Analysis of Testimonies

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In recent years, the Breaking the Silence organization has released a
series of publications that expose a database of IDF soldier
testimonies from their service in Judea and Samara, as well as the
various Gaza operations. Based on these testimonies, Breaking the
Silence has concluded that the IDF is in a moral and ethical decline.
This decline, they explain, is the direct result of the continuous
existence of the “occupation” policy.

In light of the organization’s statements about a systematic moral
deterioration of the military system, we have conducted research in
which we have carefully examined 100 of the total testimonies
presented by BTS – according to select criteria: incident time and
location, military layout, described damage type, context, etc., in
order to deeply examine BTS’ testimonies and the validity of their

The research suggests that there is no correlation between BTS’ claims
and the conclusions suggested by their presented testimonies. Our
research indicates several fundamental problems that impair the
validity of BTS’ conclusions regarding the IDF’s warfare practices and
its routine conduct with civilians


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