The Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions (BDS) movement and efforts to delegitimize Israel are growing in scope and influence. This is especially true on US and European college campuses.  The campaign exploits young people’s understandable ignorance of Israel and the region, current events, and history. It uses half truths, systematically skewed statistics and outright lies to make its case and paint Israel as an aggressive and apartheid state.

Since facts are fabricated as needed, it is impossible to counter each argument individually. Instead, the IZS zeroes in on the core of several of the main contentions.

Countering BDS

“Israel Is an Apartheid State that tramples the rights of Arabs”

This is one of the favorite claims of anti Israel activists. Invoking the terrible apartheid regime in South Africa where blacks were systematically discriminated against and actively persecuted brings up immediate anger and clear ideas of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. The term is fraught with emotion. It is also completely inaccurate when it comes to Israel.

To counter this claim, the IZS prepares reports detailing the various governmental initiatives dedicated exclusively to promoting Arab society in Israel. These reports can be seen here.

The IZS has also put together a fact sheet clearly disproving the notion that Israel is an Apartheid state.  Coming Soon…

Israel Among the Nations

Founded on the advice of Ben-Dror Yemini, an investigative reporter very active internationally in refuting false and defamatory claims about Israel, the Israel Among the Nations research group makes informative materials accessible. We publicize research comparing legislation in Israel to that of other western democracies and show that Israeli law is in fact on par with other democracies. For example, laws in Israel that give certain benefits to veterans of the military is in fact similar to that of other democracies that do the same.

Blue & White Rights

Human rights groups that reject the legitimacy of the State of Israel often accuse Israel of violating the rights of Palestinians while ignoring violations perpetrated by Palestinians and other nationals on Palestinians,  Israelis and people around the world. This belies their true interest of delegitimizing Israel and makes a mockery of human rights.  Their motives are to create the illusion that one cannot both support Palestinian human rights and support the State of Israel.

Blue and White Human Rights was created as a Zionist ideal, to enable individuals to support Palestinian rights and dignity and strengthen Israel as a just and worthy society.  Blue & White believes that the security requirements of the State and its citizens are a priority, and that they can be safeguarded while observing the human rights of all who come under Israeli rule.  Read more…

Delegations to Israel

Seeing is believing. But to really understand, one must see the entire picture. The IZS hosts delegations from abroad, mainly from North America, for tours in fields and programs it is involved in. These tours highlight the work of the institute, especially in the areas of Palestinian rights within the greater context of human rights and are completely apolitical.